Development 85%
Business 65%
Marketing 75%
Graphic design 53%

Development & Talent Retention: As the central pillar and crux of this campaign, development is the path forward. To build a 21st Century City, we’re not going to confine ourselves with the outdated models of economic thinking and application. The first order of business that I plan to put forward is the development of a new city center in East Memphis, a post-grad landing pad. Where Memphis’ giants of industry intersect, Monger For Memphis is going to work to develop a modern metro center; a community with the high-rise residencies of 8th and Hope Street in Los Angeles, the commerce and shopping of Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago, and the cuisine and culture of SoHo, Manhattan.

For years, Memphis has been a talent manufacturing plant, assembling the best citizens in the country before shipping them off to fill the demands of prevailing regions and cities. Development and opportunity are inexplicably tied together, therefor, so are development and talent retention. When we build a Memphis that our children and loved ones can thrive in, we’re less more likely to hear “Mom, Dad, I’ve decided to move to…” one fateful night at the dinner table.

Talent Development – Education: A modernized Memphis can’t just benefit few. If development is the gateway to a better quality of life in Memphis, education is the key. This is why a fully funded Pre-K initiative is at the base of our education proposal. Fostering the ambition and preparedness that develops the Memphis student into the Memphis worker is most easily achieved when that effort is initiated at the early possible stage in a child’s life. Coupling this with the re-appropriation of county funding back into education, from the jails and prisons, is the right the road forward. We can not continue trying to arrest our way out of these problems.