Service, vision, and tireless effort aren’t just preferable attributes in a candidate, they’re the prerequisite and in just 28 years, George C. Monger III has packed more into a career than most. Following his passions for the music industry and community leadership, his career has included starting his own record label, running for political office and managing an internationally touring artist. George’s interest in the music industry began at a young age. Inspired by his upbringing George saw a way to blend two interests of music and business by focusing on business-related roles in the music industry. After studying George got his first career “break” at the age of 15 when he took on the role of music manager for his brother a dramatic tenor. George managed the promotions, tour scheduling and contracting, which resulted in partnerships in the United States and international tours in Germany, Spain, and Eastern Europe. By the age of 18 he used this experience to develop his own distribution relationship with Sony’s IODA.

Always looking to make his community better, George decided to increase his involvement in public policy by running for Memphis City Council in 2007, at the age of 18. This decision made history, as he was the youngest candidate to run for public office in Memphis. His campaign also caught the attention of director Jason Pollock and David Letterman, who created a documentary that chronicles his historic campaign, titled “The Youngest Candidate.” While he did not win the council seat, the experience furthered his interest in leadership and community involvement.

In 2011, while studying Economics at The University of Memphis, George once again made history by becoming the youngest serving Election Commissioner in Tennessee history. George worked to improve the integrity of elections and served on the Technology and Operations committee.

In 2012 George began working with legendary songwriter and producer David Porter and served as the Vice President and Executive Director of The Consortium Memphis Music Town, a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing a viable music industry in Memphis.

George is committed to the community and making a difference. He continues to volunteer with various organizations, including the Gayle S. Rose Foundation’s Team Max, which provided food baskets to more than 5,000 families in need as part of their “Operation Christmas” program in 2012, as well as participating in various community programs throughout Memphis aimed at rehabilitating neighborhoods.

George has received many awards and honor for his business acumen and community service but his greatest accomplishment is being a father to George C. Monger IV.

George holds his BBA in Business Economics from The University of Memphis.